The Remington Bycicles were manufactured by E. Remington and Sons, co-founded by Engineer Eliphalet Remington, and were used by the American military troops.

The bycicle production was eventually permanently ceased, while the firearm production still goes on. Starting with 1913, the Remington name became used by a Dansih bycicle company in Copenhagen, who beared no connections to the military, but was passionate about timeless design.

Now, 106 years later,  the company still resides in Denmark, and is still notably involved in Denmark's bycicle market.

We have redesigned the bycicle combined with the modern style and quality parts, to fit the urban landscape of Europe.

What we like about Remington Bikes

Our brand started as a love letter to simplicity, elegance and style, as found in the retro bycicle of the past. We love the nostalgic feeling, that fits in the modern world, and the elaborate blanding of contemporary design and vintage flavor. We like Remington bikes because they are beautiful without being overcomplicated, because they portray a strong personality, and because they are easy to fall in love with - at first sight.

When you ride a Remington, you ride a bycicle created out of love and enthusiasme for life, as well as bycicles. We want to offer a fashion accessory for your everyday life, a faithful companion that you are happy to look at, and have with you wherever you go.

It's love at first sight, and it will be a long lasting one. Enjoy life, ride a Remington!